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Alaska State Aerie

Fraternal Order of Eagles

State By-Laws


Approved  May 23rd, 2016 by the Grand Aerie 


Pursuant to the authority granted by Section 3.5, Statutes, F.O.E., and the purpose of securing a more efficient organization of, and strengthening the bond of fraternity, the several local Aeries and their membership within the State of Alaska under the charter granted by the Grand Aerie, Fraternal Order of Eagles, the Alaska State Aerie hereby enacts and adopts these By-Laws for the government of its affairs, and repeals any and all other Constitutions and/or By-Laws, if any, heretofore adopted.




Section 1.1:          This State Aerie shall meet annually prior to the Grand Aerie Convention at such place and time as may be fixed and designated by its State Aerie in session.  The annual State Convention will not necessarily be held in the Aerie of the presiding State President.


Section 1.2:          Between the annual sessions of this Alaska State Aerie, the President and the Board of Trustees shall have and exercise all the powers of this Alaska State Aerie whenever any emergency arises.


Section 1.3:          State Conventions will be rotated among the various Aeries.  An Aerie may decline to hold a convention, but this shall not preclude said Aerie from hosting a convention at a later time.  No Aerie may hold a second convention until all other Aeries have had an opportunity to host a convention.


Section 1.4:          Annual State Aerie conventions shall consist of no more than four days of business and workshop sessions.  The Alaska State Aerie shall be composed of Delegates from the local Aeries of the State of Alaska as follows:


                A.     The presently serving Officers of the Alaska State Aerie.

B.        All the Past Presidents of the Alaska State Aerie.

C.        Representatives elected by the local Aeries comprising the Alaska State Aerie.

D.        All local 10-year Secretaries, Past Presidents, and outgoing Presidents, provided, however, that no individual shall be eligible to vote or sit in the deliberation of this State Aerie unless he is in good standing in the local Aerie of which he is a member.




Section 2.1:          Each member local Aerie which has filed its required reports and paid its per capita tax in full, and is otherwise qualified by the laws of the Grand, Local and this Alaska State Aerie, shall be entitled to one Aerie vote, and one membership vote for Aeries with less than 100 members, a vote for each 100 members or a major fraction thereof, on its rolls in December preceding the annual convention.


Section 2.2:          Each Past Alaska State President, Past Alaska State/Local Ten (10) Year Secretary, current Alaska State Officer, local Alaska Past Worthy President, shall be entitled to one (1) vote in the State Aerie. No Delegate shall be entitled to cast more than three (3) delegate votes in the State Aerie.


Section 2.3:          Each Aerie shall have a minimum of two (2) votes.




Section 3.1:          The Officers of the Alaska State Aerie shall be as follows:


                Jr. Past President


Vice President (1)





Inside Guard

Trustees (4 elected plus Jr. Past President)


                One (1) Father of the Year.

                One (1) Membership Director to be appointed by the State President.


The Board of Trustees shall consist of an uneven number of at least three (3) and not more than seven (7) members designated above.  Incoming Trustees shall serve a one (1) year term, unless appointed to fill a vacancy.


Section 3.2:          All officers except the Jr. Past President shall be nominated and elected at the Annual Convention for a term of one (1) year.  The Junior Past shall serve as a Trustee while serving as Junior Past President.


Section 3.3:          Any member in good standing of his local Aerie may become a State Aerie Officer if he is:

A.         A Past Worthy President, or

B.         A Ten (10) Year  Secretary, or

C.         A Delegate nominated by his local Aerie to the State Convention.


All members eligible to hold state office must be of legal age as defined by the laws of the State of Alaska.


Section 3.4:          No person shall be placed in nomination for any office unless he is in good standing, shall be present at the time the nomination is made, or unable to be present, has given his written consent to have his name placed in nomination for such office.


Section 3.5:          The nomination for state office shall be made on the day preceding the day of election and the first item of business of the day following nominations shall be that of the election of Officers and voting on other major issues.


Section 3.6:          Vacancies, except as otherwise provided by the laws of the order, should a vacancy occur in any state office other than Trustee, Secretary and Treasurer, by reason of death, removal from office, removal from state or resignation, the Board of Trustees and/or the Executive Board shall fill such vacated office by advancing each Officer (below that of the vacated office) one office and shall fill the office of the fifth Trustee by appointment.  Should a vacancy occur in the office of the Trustee, the President shall appoint a successor to fill that office.  Should a vacancy occur in the offices of Secretary or Treasurer, the Trustees and/or the Executive Board shall elect a successor to occupy such vacated office.  The Officer appointed shall serve until the next official State Convention.


Section 3.7:          The Worthy President shall appoint an auditor at the opening of the State Convention.


Section 3.8:          Duties of the Trustees.  The Trustees will receive and review and approve and disapprove all grant requests submitted by Aeries of the State.  Upon approval, the grant request must be handed to the State Secretary.  The Secretary shall verify the grant approval and forward to the Grand Aerie.


Section 3.9:          Semi-annual meeting.  The State President shall call a semi-annual meeting of all State Officers, either by attendance, teleconference, or by e-mail, to resolve issues, review grant requests and any other business pertaining to the functions of the State Aerie.  The semi-annual meeting shall be called following the annual Pacific Northwest regional Conference.




Section 4.1:          Each local member Aerie shall pay to this Alaska State Aerie a semi-annual per-capita tax of Fifty Cents ($.50) for each member whose name appears on the membership roll of the local Aerie on the date upon which the per-capita tax is due.  Due dates are December 1 and June 1 of each year.




Section 5.1:          All serving Officers and Past State Presidents serving as members of any committee, and attending the sessions of this Alaska State Aerie shall receive -- none.


Section 5.2:          The State President shall receive annually a salary of none, payable annually, and in addition thereto an annual allowance shall be made for his respective office expense in such amount as shall be fixed by the budget as adopted by this Alaska State Aerie.


Section 5.3:          The State Secretary shall receive annually a salary of none, payable annually, and in addition thereto an annual allowance shall be made for his respective office expense in such amount as shall be fixed by the budget as adopted by this Alaska State Aerie.


Section 5.4:          The State Treasurer shall receive annually a salary of none, payable annually.


Section 5.5:          Duly elected State Officers, traveling to the Alaska State Convention or Mid-Winter Conference, may receive as expenses compensation a sum not to exceed normal trip coach airfare, whether he travels by land, sea or air.  When driving, he shall receive thirty cents ($.30) per mile up to the maximum compensation allowed.  A per diem of not more than one hundred dollars ($100.00) per day will be paid to attending officers except the host Aerie Officers.  Amounts will be determined and the officers will be notified prior to travel. 


 Section 5.6:          The Ritualistic Judge shall receive not in excess of $0.00 per day and actual plane, railroad and Pullman fare, or $0.00 cents per mile if traveling by automobile while going to, returning from and while in actual attendance at the Annual Convention of this Alaska State Aerie.  Ritual Chairman to get one Judge from outside the State of Alaska to be Chairman of the Judges and the remaining Judges from the Alaska State Aerie, from Aeries not competing, if possible.


Section 5.7:          The Alaska State Aerie Representative to the Grand Aerie in session shall receive as his expense compensation a sum not to exceed one hundred dollars ($100.00) per day where it is necessary that a hotel be used, and one hundred dollars ($100.00) per day on short trips where an overnight stay is not necessary.  If an assignment takes two or more days, for each night a hotel is used, one hundred dollars ($100.00) per day allowance is made. On the last day where the individual travels home, and stays at home that night, the final day's allowance with no hotel cost is one hundred dollars ($100.00) plus the approved registration fee and actual plane or railroad or Pullman fare.  Or, if traveling by auto, not in excess of $0.00 cents per mile while going to, returning from and while in actual attendance at the Grand Aerie session.


 Section 5.8:          The compensation of the Officers and Employees shall be as follows: None.




Section 6.1:          The Finance Committee shall report, and this State Aerie shall adopt, a budget of the anticipated per capita tax and other income and appropriate money from the State Aerie Treasury to finance authorized expenditures. The authorized expenditures shall include expenses of Officers, Deputies, Representatives, bond premiums, salaries and all other expenses of this State Aerie. Such appropriations shall not be exceeded except by unanimous approval of the Board of Trustees of this State Aerie.




Section 7.1:          The Secretary of each local Aerie comprising this Alaska State Aerie shall make a semi-annual and/or quarterly report to the Secretary of this Alaska State Aerie on such forms and in such manner as may be prescribed by the Secretary of this Alaska State Aerie, and in conformity with Section 35.5, Statutes, F.O.E., or laws amendatory thereof.  Any change in the office of a local Aerie Worthy President and/or Secretary shall be forthwith reported by such local Aerie to the Secretary of this Alaska State Aerie.




Section 8.1:          This Alaska State Aerie shall be divided into districts or zones and the district and zone shall be as prescribed by this Alaska State Aerie.




Section 9.1:          The registration and meals fees for the Officers at the Annual Convention of this Alaska State Aerie shall be as reflected by the Annual Budget Committee, and shall be paid by the Secretary of this Alaska State Aerie thirty (30) days prior to the opening session of this Alaska State Aerie Convention.  There will be no refunds of registration fees to the State Aerie for failure of the Officers to attend the convention.


Section 9.2:          In the opening and closing of the Alaska State Aerie sessions, and installing Delegates and Officers, the approved ritual, as provided by the Grand Aerie, Fraternal Order of Eagles, shall be used.


Section 9.3:          Any violation of these By-Laws by any Member, Officer, Delegate or local Aerie attending or belonging to, or affiliated with, this Alaska State Aerie shall constitute a violation of the laws of this order, and may be tried in the same manner, and penalized to the same extent, as a violation of the Constitution and Statutes, Fraternal Order of Eagles, or laws amendatory thereof.


Section 9.4:          No amendment, alteration or addition of these By-Laws shall take effect unless made in accordance with the requirements of Section 35.4, Constitution and Statutes, Fraternal Order of Eagles, or laws amendatory thereof.  All Amendments to the By-Laws shall be proposed in writing and shall be signed by at least three (3) delegates to the State Convention.  The proposed changes to the By-Laws from the floor shall be voted upon individually and acted upon immediately.  These Amendments shall be adopted by a two thirds (2/3) majority vote of all the Delegates of the State Convention present and voting.


Section 9.5:          The President, Secretary, Treasurer, Trustees and other employees of this Alaska State Aerie who handle moneys of the Alaska State Aerie shall each have a security bond conditioned for the faithful performance of their duties in the amount of ten thousand dollars ($10,000).  The premium for such bond shall be paid by the Alaska State Aerie.  No such officer or employee of this Alaska State Aerie who shall be required to be bonded shall be permitted to assume or discharge the duties of such office or employment until so bonded, and notification thereof forwarded to the office of the Grand Worthy President.


Section 9.6:          Where the Constitution and Statutes of the Fraternal Order of Eagles and the rules and regulations of the Fraternity and these By-Laws do not cover control, then the Robert's Rules of Order (revised) shall govern the actions and deliberations of this Alaska State Aerie.


Section 9.7:          Alaska State Aerie may establish an Internal Revenue Service 501 C3 corporation for the purpose of receiving, managing and distributing such funds derived from gaming and donations.




Section 10.1:        The By-Law Committee shall consider all proposed amendments for its consideration from any and all sources, and shall study existing State Aerie By-Laws to determine necessity for change.  If none are presented, said committee shall report its findings and recommendations to the State Aerie in session.


Section 10.2:        Except those contained in the reports of Officers and Committees of the State Aerie, all resolutions or proposed amendments to the State Aerie By-Laws shall be acted upon at the State Convention in session.  The State Secretary shall cause all such resolutions and proposed amendments to be referred to the committee entitled to consider them, and report thereon with its recommendations.


Section 10.3:        No resolution or proposed amendments to the By-Laws shall be considered by the convention unless contained or initiated in the reports of Officers or Committees of the State Aerie or unless it shall have been previously adopted by a local Aerie of the State Aerie.


Section 10.4:        All proposed amendments, including provisions relating to a change in per capita tax must be read before voting thereon and shall require a two thirds (2/3) majority for passage.




The incoming State President shall cause to be appointed for the ensuing year, the following committees:


Section 11.1:        The Credentials Committee shall be appointed by the State President.  The Chairman of the committee shall be the Jr. Past President of the host Aerie, if he is available.


Section 11.2:        Publicity/Historian: The State President shall appoint a Publicity/Historian to duly record State Aerie history.  These duties shall include disseminating information to the local press and Eagle publications.  The State President shall encourage each local Aerie to establish a Publicity/Historian to work with the State appointed Officer.


Section 11.3:        Nominations Committee: The State President shall cause to be appointed a Nominating Committee, and said committee shall propose candidates for election to the State Aerie offices.


Section 11.4:        The State Executive Board will serve as Convention Committee.  It will be the duty of this committee to resolve the rotation of future State Conventions.


Section 11.5:        The State President shall also appoint the following committees:






He shall also appoint the Chairman of the Cancer Fund, Jimmy Durante Children's Fund, Golden Eagle Fund, Max Baer Heart Fund and the Membership Committee.


Section 11.6:        The Alaska State Aerie will form a Hall of Fame to honor Alaska State Eagle members that have contributed to the success of the Alaska State Aerie and the member’s home Aerie.  The incoming State President shall appoint a Hall of Fame Committee for the ensuing year consisting of three (3) Past State Presidents currently on the Hall of Fame Honor Roll if they are available and will serve.  The State President shall select one member as Chairman.  Criteria for selection of a qualified nominee will be as follows:

1.       Each Aerie in the state, prior to Annual Convention, may select by the nomination process and majority vote, one member for consideration by the Hall of Fame Committee.

2.       The name of the nominee shall be submitted to the State Secretary in writing prior to the start of Mid-Winter Conference.  The nominating document shall contain a list or history of the services the nominee has made to the Fraternal Order of Eagles, his Aerie and his community.  Upon receipt of letters of nomination, the State Secretary shall forward the documents to the individual serving as the current chairman of the Hall of Fame Committee prior to the start of the Mid-Winter Conference.

3.       The Committee shall select a member from the nominees and the selection shall be announced at the annual Convention Banquet.

4.       The State Aerie shall purchase a plaque to commemorate the selectees.  Each name shall be engraved on a nameplate and affixed to the plaque.  The plaque shall be on display at the home Aerie of the annual inductee for the ensuing year.  It shall be returned to the convention each year so that the nameplate of the new honoree can be affixed.


Section 11.7:        The Alaska State Aerie shall establish a Dog Chain Club in accordance with accepted clubs established in other State Aeries, and all members of other states shall be considered as participants and honored by this select club.

1.       Dog Chain is to be presented at the Banquet of the State Convention.          

2.       Dog Chain must be worn at all State or higher functions (I.E.) all Conferences and    International Conventions, State or Grand Aerie President or Representatives visits.  (Not required at Ritual competitions.)

3.       At Conventions, Chain must be worn from the time of picking up your credentials until the final gavel of the meeting.

4.       When caught without your Chain, you will donate five dollars ($5.00) to the charity named by the member catching you, or to the State President's project.  No other fines will be levied at that day's function.        

5.       Dog Chain selectees cannot be from the same Aerie as the selector.

6.       The new member of the Dog Chain Club, or "Pup", will make his selection prior to the next State Convention and purchase an ID card or tag and present it at the Banquet.


Section 11.8:        The State President shall appoint a member he deems qualified as the Alaska State Troubled Aerie Advisor.  The advisor shall, at the direction of the State Aerie President, investigate any local Aerie problems that have been reported to the State Aerie.  The advisor shall act as a mediator to resolve disputes and report to the State Aerie officers sitting as the State Aerie Executive Board.  Every effort to resolve the dispute should be made, and only as a last resort, should the Grand Aerie be involved.




Section 12.1:        All new Aeries and new Aerie organizers will be approved by the State Aerie prior to beginning organizing efforts.




Section 13.1:        The State Aerie shall set up a fund to be known as the Scholarship Fund.  These funds are to be invested and the proceeds therefrom are to be used for scholarships.  An amount of $2,500.00 will be added to the scholarship fund annually, until the income of the Fund will support a minimum $500.00 annual scholarship to each Aerie.  The principal of the fund will be released only by the recommendation of four Past Presidents appointed by the presiding State President, and the vote of the body at State Convention.  Any unused proceeds are to be returned to the principal.


Section 13.1.1:     The State President shall appoint a committee to investigate investment opportunities of Monies from the Scholarship Fund.  Investments shall be made in five (5) thousand dollar increments not to exceed sixty (60) percent of the total of the Scholarship Fund.



Section 13.2:  Any applicant that meets the following requirements can submit an application to the State Secretary.  The applicant must be a family member (Child, Step-Child, Grand-Child, Niece, Nephew, or Spouse), ward of an Alaska Aerie or Auxiliary member or a survivor of a deceased member who was in good standing at the time of death.  Applicant must be a high school graduate, graduating senior or have a “GED” certificate.  Applicant must be a full time student at an accredited trade school or university.  If applicant is a State resident this scholarship can be used at any out of state school.  If the applicant is an out of state resident the scholarship can only be used at an accredited Alaska School or University.  In the event there are no applicants from one of the local aeries the State Trustees may award more than one scholarship to a local aerie with a maximum scholarships of current aeries within the State.

 Section 13.3:        The Scholarship Committee shall consist of the State Trustees and the presiding State President.  Local Aerie scholarships awarded will be forwarded to the State Aerie Secretary prior to the start of annual convention.


Section 13.4:        The yearly amount of the scholarships will be set at State Convention.




Section 14.1:        A Mid-Winter Conference or Teleconference may be held in January to discuss matters concerning the State Aerie.  A semi-annual State Trustees meeting will be held at that time.  An Executive Board consisting of a quorum of seven (7) duly elected Officers and Trustees shall be empowered to conduct such business as necessary at the Mid-Winter Conference, approving grants, convention plans, and disbursing funds covered by the Annual Budget.  Reimbursement for travel shall be defined in Section 5.5.