Chilkoot Trail Diary

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The Chilkoot Pass - 1898

The following pictures are from my hike over this famous trail
100 years later.

The Chilkoot Trail
A bird's eye view 
of the
American Side
Trail Head
Man, it was a rough trip just 
to get here.  Can't wait to 
see what the next 33 miles 
is going to be like!
The Trail is that-a-way.
One of the 
sturdier bridges.
First rest.
This isn't so bad!
Balancing act!
Ruins of old saw mill.
Taiya River.
Finnegan's Point  Mi. 4.9
Easy walking here.
Brief  rest.
Bridges like this weren't 
here 100 years ago.
Warming cabin
Canyon City - Mi. 7.8
Drying out in
warming cabin.
First campsite
Canyon City
Bear warning
left by rangers.
Going to Old Canyon City.
Old boiler that once
powered the tram
out of Canyon City.
Cable suspension bridge
coming out of old
Canyon City.
Cable suspension bridges 
are easier if you use
both hands!
The trail leads
up there.
Taiya River 
far below...
for a while.
Stepping stones
a rain forest!
Another bridge!
These things are fun!
2nd campsite
Sheep Camp - mi. 13
The sign reads:
George at the
Bear Pole.
All food is hung
here as soon as
you get to
the campground.
Tram wheel
beside trail.
Ruins of remaining
tram tower.
Looking back at
what we just climbed.
Taken from the Scales.
The Scales!
First look at
the Golden Stairs -
first notch on left.
Many artifacts
left here by
Artifacts left at Scales.
False summit.
Watch your step!
View from
false summit.
This engine is
to be left from
one of the early
continuous cable
 There's more?
Day 3, The Summit -
3,739 feet!
Looking into Canada.
Happy Camp is still
4 hours away!
Elevation of Chilkoot Pass Route
Looking back at the
Canadian side of the
Chilkoot Pass.
Level walking!
The first I've seen for miles!
Never ending trail.
Where is Happy Camp?
Hole in the snow pack!
Keep well back!
Looking back at the danger.
Word on the trail was 
that a female hiker 
fell through this snow bridge
and survived - 
just wet and cold.
Picturesque Ponds
 3rd camp - Happy Camp
mi. 20.5
Happy to get here.
Happy to leave!
Deep Lake.
Back of Deep Lake.
Grayling Creek.
Trail along gorge high above
Grayling Creek.
Graveyard at Lindeman.
Eleven graves from
the winter of 1897 - 1898.
Lake Bennet in background.
Lindeman Campground
and Lake.
Lake Bennett in distance-
our destination.
Bill and myself
at old trapper cabin
in the pouring rain. 
Bennett Station at last!
A little wet, but .....
Remains of old dock, with 
gateway to the goldfields
in background.
 The journey led another
500 miles to Dawson City
from here 100 years ago.
Old Bennett townsite.
St. Andrews Church
and Lake Bennett.
Built the winter
of  1897 - 98
St. Andrews
was abandoned by 
its congregation
when the ice
on Lake Bennett
went out
in the spring!
waiting at Bennett Station
to take us home.


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