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Pursuant to the authority granted by Section 37, Statues, Fraternal Order of Eagles, and for the purpose of securing a more efficient organization of, and strengthening the bond of fraternity between the Local Auxiliaries within the STATE OF ALASKA under the Charter granted by the Grand Aerie, Fraternal Order of Eagles, the ALASKA STATE Auxiliary hereby enacts and adopts these By-laws for the government of its affairs, and repeals any and all other Constitutions and/or By-laws, if any, heretofore adopted.





SECTION 1.1  This STATE Auxiliary shall meet annually prior to the Grand Aerie, Fraternal Order of Eagles Session, at such place and time as may be fixed by the EXECUTIVE BOARD.


SECTION 1.2 Between the annual sessions of this STATE Auxiliary, all current serving STATE Officers shall act as the EXECUTIVE BOARD and shall, subject to the laws of the order, have and exercise all of the powers of this STATE Auxiliary whenever the necessity of exercising such powers arises, all in accordance with Section 46.1 Rules and Regulations for the Government of Ladies Auxiliaries, or laws amendatory thereof.





SECTION 2.1 This STATE Auxiliary shall be composed of Delegates from the Local Auxiliaries of the STATE of ALASKA as follows:


(a) The presently serving officers of this STATE Auxiliary,


(b) All the Past Madam Presidents of this STATE Auxiliary,


(c) All of the Ten Year Secretaries of this STATE Auxiliary, who are not also Past Madam Presidents,


(d) Representatives selected by the Local Auxiliaries comprising this STATE Auxiliary,


(e) All of the Past Madam Presidents and Ten Year Secretaries of Local Auxiliaries comprising this STATE Auxiliary provided however that no individual shall be eligible to vote or sit in the deliberations of this STATE Auxiliary unless she is in good standing in the Local Auxiliary in which she is a member.


SECTION 2.2 Each Local Auxiliary that has filed its required reports, and has paid its per capita tax in full, and is otherwise qualified by the laws of the Grand Aerie, this STATE and Local Auxiliary, shall be entitled to one vote for each twenty-five (25) members, or major fraction thereof, on its rolls as of November 30th preceding the annual convention.


SECTION 2.3  No delegate shall cast less than one (1) vote nor more than three (3) Auxiliary votes, EXCEPT, that the delegate may, if she qualifies, be entitled to one (1) additional vote for each of the following categories:


                (a) a Past Madam President of an Auxiliary


(b) a Ten (10) Year Secretary, that’s not a Past Madam President


                (c) a qualified serving officer of the STATE Auxiliary


(d) a Past Madam President of the STATE Auxiliary, excluding the Junior Past Madam President and any other Past Madam President of the STATE Auxiliary, who is a serving officer and qualifies for a vote as such under the provisions of (Section 2.3) heretofore specified.




SECTION 3.1  The Officers of this STATE Auxiliary shall be as follows: Junior Past Madam President, Madam President, Madam Vice President, Madam Chaplain, Madam Conductor, Madam Secretary, Madam Treasurer, Madam Inside Guard, Madam Outside Guard and five (5) Madam Trustees.


(a)    The Board of Trustees shall consist of an uneven number of three (3) or five (5) Trustees as designated in SECTION 3.1.


SECTION 3.2 All Officers, except the Junior Past Madam President, shall be nominated and elected at the annual convention for a term of one (1) year.


SECTION 3.3  The term of office of the STATE Auxiliary Secretary shall be for one (1) year.


SECTION 3.4  No person other than a Past Madam President or Ten Year Secretary of a Local Auxiliary shall be eligible for the office of Madam President or Madam Vice-President of this STATE Auxiliary, nor unless she shall be a member in good standing in her own Local Auxiliary.



SECTION 3.5 The name of no person shall be placed in nomination unless she be in good standing and shall be present at the time of such nomination or, if unable to be present, has given her written consent to have her name placed in nomination for office.


SECTION 3.6 The annual election of officers shall be by secret ballot bearing the names of all candidates nominated for the various offices.  There shall be no identifying marks on the ballots which might disclose the name of the person casting the ballot.  The member shall produce her credentials and official dues receipt indicating that she is in good standing in her Local Auxiliary before receiving her ballot and her official receipt shall be so stamped to indicate that the member has voted.  The member shall then proceed to the voting booth, mark her ballot, place same in the ballot box and retire from the voting area.  Any member found casting the ballot of another member shall be guilty of conduct unbecoming a member of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Fraternal Order of Eagles, shall have charges filed against her by the judges of the election and if found guilty, may be expelled from the order.


(a)    The ballot will be dispensed with after the State Madam President ensures that, in fact, no members present wish to make further nominations. The SMP will then declare that each nominee is elected.



SECTION 3.7 In the event of death, resignation, removal or other disability of the State Madam President, the vacancy shall be filled by the State Madam Vice-President, who will then fill the vacancy of State Madam Vice-President with the Jr. Past State Madam President for the unexpired term.


SECTION 3.8  No one Local Auxiliary shall have more than four (4) officers in the State Auxiliary unless there are no others available.


(a) No one Local Auxiliary shall have two (2) members in consecutive positions in the list of elected STATE Auxiliary Offices unless there are no other members available. (Example: State Madam President and State Madam Vice-President, State Madam Secretary and State Madam Treasurer or State Madam Inside Guard and State Madam Outside Guard)



SECTION 3.9 The Election Committee shall consist of five (5) members with at least one (1) member coming from the Southeast area.


SECTION 3.10 Whereas the STATE Auxiliary of Alaska holds its convention in April, all outgoing Madam Presidents will carry the Junior Past Madam Presidents’ vote as they would if the convention was held in June.


SECTION 3.11 The Nominating Committee shall consist of all Past STATE Madam Presidents in attendance at said convention.  The current serving STATE Madam President shall appoint the Chair of the Nominating Committee from the Past STATE Madam Presidents in attendance.







SECTION 4.1  Each Local Auxiliary member shall pay to this STATE Auxiliary an annual per capita tax in the sum of Two Dollars ($2.00) for each member whose name appears on the membership rolls of the Local Auxiliary on the date upon which the per capita tax is due, the same to be paid semi-annually.






SECTION 5.1 When traveling for an Executive meeting or the Annual STATE Convention, all serving STATE officers, and Past State Madam Presidents in good standing, may submit an expense request for reimbursement covering actual costs for hotel, railroad, ferry, airfare or mileage at the IRS charitable rate, up to a limit of three hundred dollars ($300.00)    All receipts must accompany claims.



SECTION 5.2 The STATE Madam President shall receive as her travel expense two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500.00).  All receipts must be submitted with financial reports and any unused funds must be returned.


 (a) If the STATE Madam President is paid by the Grand Aerie to attend the International Convention, she will receive zero dollars ($0.00) from the STATE Auxiliary.  In the event she is not paid by the GRAND Aerie, she will receive five hundred dollars ($500.00).


(b) The STATE Madam President shall receive Fifty Dollars ($50.00) for incidental expenses. All receipts must be submitted with financial reports and any unused funds must be returned.



SECTION 5.3 The STATE Madam President and the duly appointed STATE Auxiliary Representatives may receive an expense allowance of zero dollars ($0.00).



SECTION 5.4 The compensation of other STATE officers and committee members shall be as follows:


                (a)  The STATE Membership Chairman shall receive an amount of three hundred dollars ($300.00) to cover the costs of membership incentives.  All receipts must be submitted with financial reports and any unused funds must be returned.







SECTION 6.1  The Finance Committee shall report, and this STATE Auxiliary adopt, a budget of the anticipated per capita tax and other income, and authorize expenditures and appropriate the money from the STATE Auxiliary treasury to finance the same.  Such appropriations shall not exceed, except by unanimous approval of this STATE Auxiliary.  The appropriation shall include expenses of the STATE Madam President and STATE Madam Secretary’s offices, expenses of the STATE Madam Treasurer, Deputies, Representatives and all other expenses of this STATE Auxiliary.




SECTION 7.1  The Secretary of each LOCAL Auxiliary comprising this STATE Auxiliary shall make a semi-annual report to the Secretary of this STATE Auxiliary on such forms and in such manner as may be prescribed by the GRAND Aerie and in conformity with SECTION 33.4 of the Rules and Regulations for the Government of Ladies Auxiliaries or laws amendatory thereof.


SECTION 7.2  Any changes in the office of the Local Madam President and/or Madam Secretary shall be reported by such Local Auxiliary to the Secretary of this STATE Auxiliary.


SECTION 7.3  Within ninety (90) days of the last day of the Alaska STATE Auxiliary Annual Convention, each Auxiliary shall receive the minutes of said convention, including a Financial Statement as of March 31st.  Not less than sixty (60) days prior to the Annual STATE Convention, a current Financial Statement will be mailed to each Local Auxiliary.


                (a)  Each Auxiliary and STATE Past President shall receive a current list of STATE Officers and STATE Chairs for each Charity, including address, phone number, and e-mail addresses to be mailed with the annual State Auxiliary minutes.


SECTION 7.4  The STATE Madam President shall appoint a Parliamentarian who will also act as the Standing Rules Chair.





SECTION 8.1 This STATE Auxiliary may be divided into Districts or Zones and the Districts or Zones shall be prescribed by the STATE Auxiliary. 





SECTION 9.1 In opening and closing this STATE Auxiliary’s Sessions and Installing Delegates and Officers, the approved Ritual as prescribed by the GRAND Aerie, Fraternal Order of Eagles, shall be used.


SECTION 9.2 Any violations of these By-laws by any member, officer, delegate or Local Auxiliary attending or belonging to or affiliated with this STATE Auxiliary shall constitute a violation of the Laws of the Order, and may be tried in the same manner and penalized to the same extent as a violation of the Constitution and Statutes, Fraternal Order of Eagles, The Rules and Regulations for the Government of Ladies Auxiliaries, the by-laws of a Local Auxiliary or laws amendatory of either.


SECTION 9.3 No amendment, alteration or addition of these by-laws shall take effect unless made in accordance with the requirements of SECTION 42.1 of the Rules and Regulations for the Government of Ladies Auxiliaries or laws amendatory thereto.  All amendments to these by-laws shall be proposed in writing and shall be signed by at least three (3) delegates to this STATE Auxiliary Convention and before action shall be taken thereon, each said by-law shall be read at two (2) regular sessions of this STATE Auxiliary Convention, including the session at which said by-law is introduced, and the final action thereon shall be taken at the regular session following the second reading thereof.  Proposed by-laws and amendments shall be adopted by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of all delegates at this STATE Auxiliary Convention present and voting.


SECTION 9.4 The Madam President, Secretary, Treasurer, Trustees and all other persons of this STATE Auxiliary who handle monies of this STATE Auxiliary shall each give a surety bond conditioned for the faithful performance of her duties in the amount of one thousand five hundred dollars ($1,500.00).  The premiums of such bonds shall be paid by this STATE Auxiliary. No such officers or others of this STATE Auxiliary who shall be required to be bonded shall be permitted to assume or discharge the duties of such office until bonded and notification thereof is forwarded to the office of the GRAND Worthy President.


SECTION 9.5  Where the Constitution and Statutes of the Fraternal Order of Eagles, Rules and Regulations of the Fraternity, Rules and Regulations for the Government of Ladies Auxiliaries, Ritual and these By-laws amendatory thereto do not cover or control, then Robert’s Rules of Order (revised) shall govern the actions and deliberations of this STATE Auxiliary.


SECTION 9.6 The newly elected STATE Madam President shall carry the Alaska Flag at the International GRAND Auxiliary Convention.  In the event that she cannot attend, a vote by the ALASKA STATE AUXILIARY will elect a Representative from any ALASKA STATE PAST MADAM PRESIDENT attending the Grand Convention for the honor.


SECTION 9.7 A member of any Auxiliary in the STATE Auxiliary of Alaska and in good standing may become a member of another Auxiliary in the STATE Auxiliary of Alaska as a dual member.



SECTION 9.8 A member of any Auxiliary in the STATE Auxiliary of Alaska may be a charter member of any new Auxiliary providing that member is in good standing in her own Auxiliary.


SECTION 10.1  In the event of hospitalization or death, the STATE Secretary will be allowed to disburse in the amount of fifty dollars ($50.00) for flowers or contribution to their charity, for any current STATE Auxiliary Officer, STATE Committee Chair or Past State Madam President.


SECTION 10.2  The STATE Madam Chaplain shall work with the STATE Madam Jr. Past President as the Sunshine Chair for gifts for the STATE Mother, STATE Grandmother, STATE President or any other person at a cost not to exceed fifty dollars ($50.00) each.


SECTION 10.3  The Alaska STATE Auxiliary shall purchase STATE Auxiliary Officer Pins yearly.


SECTION 11.1  The STATE Auxiliary will annually pay to the STATE Aerie one half (1/ 2 ) the cost of a full page ad in the GRAND Aerie International Convention Booklet.


SECTION 11.2  Resolutions sent to the Alaska STATE Auxiliary shall be received by the STATE Madam Secretary no later than thirty (30) days prior to the Annual Alaska STATE Convention.


SECTION 11.3  All checks issued by the Alaska State Auxiliary, shall be deposited or cashed within 90 days (ninety days) or be declared null and void.


SECTION 12.1  For the purpose of fundraising for charities and to assist with statewide travel of officers to state conventions and/or the mid-winter executive conference, a bank account requiring two signatures and with the designation “Gaming’ will be established at a local banking institution in order to handle all gaming funds according to the laws of the State of Alaska.


SECTION 12.2  Should the Alaska State Auxiliary cease to exist any remaining net proceeds from gaming activities under AS 05.15 will be distributed to one or more existing permitees, other than a multiple-beneficiary permittee, in accordance with AAC 160.020(a)(5).